My nokia lumia won't charge

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2019-12-08 11:34

Jul 07, 2018  Lumia 800 wont power on or charge had my phone for 3 days now, i noticed that charging it was kinda annoying from a dead phone, last night it died and i was going to do a full charge cycle, i put it on change before i went to bed, it vibrated to say its connect and i left it, woke up this morning unplugged and it wouldnt turn on soIf the phone doesnt charge with other chargers, then check the charging point if it is damaged. This can be done by cleaning the inside of the charging port, blowing out the dust or using a pointed toothpick, gently, cleaning between the ports. If everything is ok but then also Nokia Lumia 1520 Not Charging Issue is there, you should reboot your my nokia lumia won't charge

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The phone turned off while my son was playing a game on my Lumia 920. I tried to charge it, but it did not chargeand it's not even showing Nokia Logo. How can the answer be improved?my nokia lumia won't charge Nokia Lumia 520 Charging problem. Please help? ABHIonPC May 3, 2014, 12: 26 AM. Hey! I bought a Nokia Lumia 520 a few months back. Yesterday I left my phone on my table and went to take a bath. After I came back I saw that my phone was not switching on. So i thought that the battery had drained completely, but it was a bit weird because I remembered that it had almost more than 50 charge

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Jan 11, 2014 Hello, I have a problem with my Nokia Lumia 920. My device doesn't boot when I push turn on even if charge the battery during 4 hours. When I connect my nokia lumia won't charge Jan 10, 2013 My Nokia Lumia 710 won't chargeboot after the battery drained down. How do I get my phone to chargeboot? Answered by a verified Technician Sep 22, 2014 I was super psyched to get the new Nokia Lumia 822 last April when it came out after I had had issues with my old phone. It was time for my upgrade so I