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Innovations in telephone styles were extensive in the 1930s. The square box design of the wall set disappeared and by 1937 the bell was hidden in the base of the desk telephone. The square box design of the wall set disappeared and by 1937 the bell was hidden in the base of the desk telephone.About U. S. City Directories, . This database is a collection of directories for U. S. cities and counties in various years. The database currently contains directories for all states except Alaska. Generally a city directory will contain an alphabetical list of citizens, listing the names of the heads of households, their addresses, and 1930s telephone directory

Aug 29, 2010 I am doing a project and i need to write and decorate a journal. i am making a fake business card to glue into the journal but i need to put a phone number. did the phones from the 1930s have the 7 digit phone numbers like today? and did they have an area code?

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Telephone and City Directories in the Library of Congress: NonCurrent (Old) By Barbara B. Walsh, Reference Specialist in the Local History and Genealogy Reading Room by filling out a call slip using Telephone Directory as the call number, the town and state as the title, and the years needed as the volume numbers. You should be aware, The city automatic telephone switch started operation in 1930. 06. How they did it. Americans who were to encounter the problem of 7digit numbers sooner that any other nation, found a mnemonic solution to the problem (it was generally believed back then that 7digit numbers were hard to memorize): the first three digits were replaced with1930s telephone directory Circa 1930 City Directories Available at NARA. Updated September 7, 2002. Part I: Introduction. This page lists microfilmed city directories available at National Archives Building, 700 Pennsylvania Ave. , N. W. , Washington, DC, and at Regional Facilities in major cities around the country. This microfilm is NOT available for sale

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1900s 1980s City Directories& Telephone Books on CD& DVD Spyral back in time to capture records of people and their lives in past years. Our Directory CD's& DVD's& Downloads are easy to use& provide high quality scans 1930s telephone directory City Directories and Selected Telephone Books on Microfilm and Microfiche Oldphoneworks has the widest selection of telephones from the 1930s that is available anywhere. The Model 202 was the first telephone created in the 1930s. The Model 202 was an ovalshaped phone that was connected to a dial block. The Model 202 was mostly used by companies and was mainly a desktop phone.