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2020-01-26 15:39

We answer the question of what the sometimes rapidly changing signs and characters 3G, H, H, E and G in the status bar of a mobile phone are meaning.Phone status icons. These are the icons that may appear on the phone status area of the status bar. GPRS mobile network connected. GPRS in use. mobile phones status symbol

It goes without saying that the iPhone is a status symbol. But it's a revolutionary status symbol. Unlike that Birkin bag, it's a status symbol with really cool whiz bang upgradeable features. That makes it a status symbol that actually does something instead of just sitting there, being a status symbol.

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Mar 19, 2013 About 87 of Americans own a cell phone, according to the Pew Research Center; as Quartz points out, mobile phones are nearly ubiquitous in developed and developing countries alike, and upscale smartphones are quickly becoming a status symbol among the emerging middle class in places like China. 700 or more is an awful lot to spend on flagship phones when powerful alternatives cost half the price. Are flagships just turning into a status symbol? 700 or more is an awful lot to spend on flagship phones when powerful alternatives cost half the phones status symbol Drawing from your early days, there was a time when even a cell phone was a status symbol, used by a handful of people. Then they became massmarket gadgets. Same for smartphones, especially when you get one for even 250.

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On older Android phones, you might see a triangle next to your signal bars. This shows that your phones roaming, like the R symbol above does. Phone with WiFi symbol coming out of it. This symbol shows that your phones set up for WiFi calling. mobile phones status symbol The Status Bar appears at the top of every screen. It displays icons indicating that youve received notifications (on the left) and icons indicating the phones status (on the right), along with the current time. If you have more notifications than can fit in the Status Bar, a plus icon prompts And, talking about the latest technological devices, mobile phones are simply the most common status symbols to be flaunted around. With an almost limitless account of Mobile phones can now be your portable music players to croon to your favourite numbers wherever you wander off Mobile Phones as a Status Symbol EzineArticles. com.