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2020-01-26 14:48

For registration (to add information on dabatabse) I wanna display the universities list in a combobox to allow the user to choose his university, but I don't know how to do the binding in a combobox (XAML and code behind).Previously you were binding the whole DataContext to the ComboBox and then each TextBlock to the Collection of strings. You need to bind the ItemsSource of the ComboBox to the collection and then each TextBlock should contain one of the strings. combobox binding windows phone 8

WPF: Binding Combobox in Code Behind to Property 0 Binding SelectedIndex property of a list to a property in different class in sameanother project in Windows Phone 8?

combobox binding windows

there is no SelectedItem. Content in windows 8. 1 patel Nov 4 '14 at 18: 03 There is once you cast it properly, I've updated the answer. DavidG Nov 4 '14 at 18: 38 I add a ComboBox in XAML for Windows Phone 8. 1 in a StackPanel. On Running the app in the Emulator no Dropdown functionality is shown. If I Limit the StackPanel to a Height e. g. 70 , only the 2 ficombobox binding windows phone 8 Web Development I want to separate the combobox item templates and the selected item. There are many reference availale but none of them works in Windows Phone 8. 1

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How do i bind properly to a combox on windows phone 8. 1 I tried what i would normally do in winforms but it didnt work. Also this is for a settings page is their any standard practise yet for a 8. 1 combobox binding windows phone 8 Hi, I am trying to develop application for windows phone 8. 1. I choose blank app template& then add BasicPage. On page, I have 2 combobox, 1 for selecting state& other for selecting language. This article describes the use of ComboBox in Windows Phone 8. 1. I have a custom list with structure category id name color I create a list and bind it to combobox name categoryListBox in my xaml page. I have tried using this piece of