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The Perils of Gwendoline in the Land of the YikYak The Perils of Gwendoline in the Land of the YikYak, original title Gwendoline, is a 1984 French action comedysexploitation film directed by Just Jaeckin, written by Jaeckin and John Willie and starring Tawny Kitaen and Brent Huff.An anonymous, live feed of conversations all around you. This is Yik Yak. Insanely entertaining, but what are its risks? Parents, read more! yik yak app wiki

Sep 16, 2014  Yik Yak is the latest app young people are using that their parents generally dont know about, explains Lindy Crescitelli, an antibullying advocate with Peace Dynamics.

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Words such as fk and py appear in some posts. Although Yik Yak's legal terms prohibit content that is obscene, harassing, hateoriented, offensive, defamatory, and illegal, the app's developers make it clear that users' posts are not monitored, and Yik Yak takes no responsibility for user content. The Yik Yak wikipedia article attempts to inform the reader of the history and controversies surrounding Yik Yak. While it is an informative article, it reads as highly biased against Yik Yak. Often times throughout the article the author writes with biased language to express the reader's dislike for the social media application.yik yak app wiki Yik Yak is a social media smartphone application. It is available for iOS and Android and it allows people pseudoanonymously to create and view discussion threads within a 5mile radius (termed Yaks by the application).

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Yik Yak was founded by three Georgia fraternity brothers, What is the story of yik yak and how it was founded? How did the Yik Yak app get its initial traction? yik yak app wiki Apr 28, 2017 By 2016, Yik Yak had dropped out of the top1, 000 apps downloaded in the App Store. The company tried several steps to get students back in love with Yik Yak, but they failed. By the end of 2016, big job cuts were announced. May 27, 2017 According to App Annie, a firm that tracks metrics for apps, downloads spiked in September of that year and stayed high for several months. But by early 2015, the decline began. App Annie estimates that Yik Yak had 1. 8 million downloads in September 2014. By September 2016, it was 125, 000.