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2019-11-17 05:56

connecting to a asp. net page running on localhost from You should connect your android tablet to your pc then you can access the site localhost on your tablet.I'm trying to access my localhost from my Android tablet, but I'm having problems. I'm using WAMP server and configured the httpd. config file, and port forwarded 80, but I still can't access localh localhost android tablet

To View On Android Mobile or Tablet: How do I access the wamp server (localhost) page of my computer, from my android mobile browser?

localhost android tablet

How to connect android client to the localhost of Apache server (php) point and make the tablet able connect to access from android to the localhost Future Studio provides ondemand learning& wants you to become a better Android (Retrofit, Gson, Glide, Picasso) and Node. jshapi developer!localhost android tablet What can I do in Eclipse's Android emulator to connect it to my localhost web server page at How to connect to my http: localhost web server from Android

Free Localhost android tablet

I am developing a responsive website and i want to check it on my android devices (mobile, tablet). I am trying to access my server in the mobile browser's window using my ip (. 100). localhost android tablet I am working on a web site which is running on my PC via XAMPP. I want to test the site on my android tablet (galaxy tab) to make sure that the responsive design behaves that way it is designed to Turn your smartphone, tablet or Android stick into a fullfledged web server with PHP, MySQL or even Wordpress running on it. How can I access my localhost from my Android device? So your webserver can perfectly run at localhost and from your Android app you can access it via http: 10