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2019-11-18 12:06

Apple iPhone 5s from Gold Genie is up for grabs in three different options gold, platinum and rose gold. The 16 GB model of the gold edition costs you 1, 781 (about 2, 853), while base model of the platinum version is priced at 1, 865 (about 2, 988). The rose gold variant of the iPhone 5s carries a price tag of 1, 831 (about 2, 934).Iphone 5s gold price in Apple store from Tk 12, 900. We now have 50 ads from 5 sites for Iphone 5s gold price in Apple store, under electronics. We now have 50 ads from 5 sites for Iphone 5s gold price in Apple store, under electronics. iphone 5s 24 karat gold price

Individuals with a taste for technology and luxury will have the opportunity to combine their needs thanks to the new 24 Karat Gold iPhone 5, Rose Gold and new this year, the Platinum iPhone 5S, all three of which have been manufactured by Gold& Co. London. These real gold& platinum plated (as opposed to Apples gold colored)

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Original Apple iPhone X 64 GB Unlocked customized and professionally gold plated by De Billas with authentic 24 Karat Gold. Authentic iPhone X 64 GB Customized and electroplated with real 24K Gold. The24k Gold customization done over iphone 8 64GB unlocked. first item is being sold with discounted price! ! ! 1, 499. 99. Buy It Now. Free Shipping. The customization is 24k gold over the iphone Gold iPhone 7 and Plus editions customised in luxurious 24k Gold, Rose Gold, Platinum, Swarovski crystal and Diamonds. Buy Today with 50 Depositiphone 5s 24 karat gold price The 24carat Gold iPhone 5S will be made available in black or white tops and middle back and sides embellished in pure gold. Moreover, the specially designed iPhone 5S will be SIM free and factory unlocked mode, making the device compatible with any network.

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This 24 Karat Gold iPhone 5S Will Set You Back Just 5, 000 By Daniel Perez on 07: 33 PDT If you absolutely love having everything around you gold plated, then you probably scoffed at Apples offering of a gold iPhone 5S, which really isnt covered in gold, instead, its just colored gold. iphone 5s 24 karat gold price Find great deals on eBay for 24k gold iphone 5s. Shop with confidence. Mar 17, 2013 iPhone 5 24 Karat Gold Edition. Did it myself ) Apples gold iPhone 5S is apparently not gold enough for some. So we were expecting to see the usual suspects adding a 24karat coat of bling to it. Gold Genie as well as Gold& Co. London are selling the handset in 24karat gold, rose gold and platinum choices. Gold Genie has five different