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2019-11-15 21:00

After you enter the console command ingame, you press enter and the command will run. If you have already edited the. ini, and the ingame console appears when you press CtrlSpace, then the console is active, and you just have to type the command you want to use and press Enter.NB. While the console is enabled, the following cheat is also enabled. At the stat distribution screen, pressing CTRL8 will yield maximum stat value. bg2ee ipad console

Open the console and enter the code. Free From the console, enter and press Enter, where X is the amount of gold you wish the party to have. Don't use commas here either. Show current map To show the entire area map, enter into the console and press Enter. (Nothing

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It does work with bg2ee ipad, but i had to have bg2ee on the pc also. It didn't want to work with just eekeeper by itself. You can speed up romances by using the console to set the JaheiraRomanceTimer to 1. That being said, Jaheira's romance is the longest in BG2 and has a bunch of gate triggers during it, including requiring you, at one point, to rest in the wild, IIRC.bg2ee ipad console I actually had to find it in a file out side of steam. Some reason Steam put some BGEE in my documents as well, and I found it there. I noticed it did it with about 4 of my games. but not the rest. . it was a bit. . odd

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Okay, just got mine to work by deleting the bg2ee ini file and replacing it with a copy of my bg1ee ini. If you have working console on bg1ee, just copy that ini file to overwrite your bg2ee one. Might wanna back it up first, but this worked for me. bg2ee ipad console Mar 08, 2017 PC Cheats Baldur's Gate: This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for Baldur's Gate for PC. If you've discovered a cheat you'd like to