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Device name and Machine Names, based on iOS Real Device Hardware My solution to this issue is basically looks related to @NicolasMiari answer within this thread. Separate utility class has a predefined set of Device and Machine names and then depending on the real machine name, retrieve the Device Name.How to get a unique device ID in Swift? Ask Question. up vote 113 down vote favorite. 36. is installed on the iOS device. The value changes when the user deletes all of that vendors apps from the device and subsequently reinstalls one or more of them. Why is Tuvok so accepting of others calling him by his first name? more hot ios get device name swift

Zero to BLE on iOS Part Two Swift Edition By: Evan K. Stone. in development the Apple mobile devices that are Bluetooth Smart Ready are any iOS device with hardware support for Bluetooth 4. 0 or higher. well inspect the name of the device.

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This Swift 3. 0 example returns the current device model as an enum constant (to avoid direct comparisons to string literals). The enum's raw value is a String containing the humanreadable iOS device name. Since it is Swift, the list of recognized devices only includes models recent enough to support iOS releases that include Swift. ), the WiFi interface on an iOS device always has then name en0 . Your code (which seems to be what I answered at How to get Ip address in swift: ) retrieves a list of the IP addresses of all running network interfaces.ios get device name swift How do you get an iPhone's device name. Ask Question. up vote 109 down vote favorite. 16. How to obtain iOS Device name. 14. How to get the user Name using Swift? 0. How can I get the device name from UIDevice with React Native? 1. fetch data of settings General About. 0.

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How to get a user's time zone? Ask Question. the exclamation mark because it is not an optional. Declaration SWIFT var abbreviation: String? get and Declaration SWIFT var name: String get without the question mark ? Browse other questions tagged ios xcode swift macos nstimezone or ask your own question. asked. 3 years, ios get device name swift Sep 05, 2012 How to find your iOS device's UDID. There are a number of free apps that will tell you the UDID for your iOS device. your device, then you'll need to sync it with iTunes to get your UDID. Once it has connected to iTunes, click on your device's name in the lefthand column. To the right, you'll see basic system information Get iPhone Device Name, Unique Device Identifier (UDID), OS and Model The iPhone SDK includes a singleton of class type UIDevice that you can use to retrieve device specific information (this works equally as well with the simulator). What you are trying to get is device name, not user name. rintaro Feb 19 '15 at 2: 42 This may look weird. My iPhone's name (and probably everyone's) is Linus' iPhone.