Phantom 3 android problem

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2020-01-26 09:23

Nov 07, 2016 we are experiencing sporadic problems when trying to connect the SDK version 3. 4 on Android with a Phantom P3 4K. Test device is a Samsung S6, Android 6. 0. Sometimes the connection works, however when we terminate the app and restart the connection suddenly does not work anymore.Jun 22, 2016 Has anyone had any issues connecting the phantom 3 advanced remote to a device that has android using the dji go app? I ran into an issue today where i updated my galaxy s6 to and tried to fly but when i opened up the app i wasnt able to hit the camera button. phantom 3 android problem

Jul 16, 2018 Supported Equipment: The Inspire 1 series, Phantom 3 series and Matrice series flying platforms The Osmo series handheld gimbal and camera

phantom android problem

The Phantom 3 Standard is a significant upgrade over the Phantom 2 Vision and Vision with an enhanced camera, fully integrated remote, compatibility with the DJI GO app, updated flight controller, live HD view, and increased flight range. Apr 28, 2017 Hi: Having a problem with this OS. Connects to RC but says no internet. This on my Shield. When I try my old smartphone with a much earlier version of Android, no problem.phantom 3 android problem Jun 12, 2015 phantom; inspire; osmo; tutorial; more accessories ronin pro systems tello service regional events.

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DJI Phantom 3. Jut click the links for todays best prices: DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter Drone with 4K UHD Video Camera. Professional model with 4K camera and quicker battery charger. phantom 3 android problem Jun 22, 2016  I recently downloaded Phantom 3 Advanced Firmware update v which came out April 7 th 2016. I installed the firmware correctly to the both Phantom and controller! When I went to hookup to the Dji Go app to with my Android Samsung Note 5 like I always have, The Dji Go app didnt connect to the phone. Feb 13, 2016  I bought a Phantom 3 Standard and after the first drone failed because of a firmware fault, the second was eventually delivered. Upon unboxing and assembly, I charged Aug 14, 2015 Decrease lag, increase fps and smoothness of Phantom 3 FPV on Android by Force using GPU for 2D render and setting CPU under High Performance Governors. Also, stick with the DJI Pilot app then DJI Go as Pilot app is a bit lighter on resources (In my personal opinion your experience may vary).