Android aapt rename-manifest-package

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2019-11-17 06:01

Does anybody know what I'm doing wrong? I've looked at all the other Stackoverflow answers and most seem a little out of date. I am building with Android SDK Tools Revision, for minSdkVersion 8. Update: As @athor comments below his answer, my assumption about inspecting the AndroidManifest. xml is wrong.Sudha if you see the aapt help, there is an R option but no description is given for that You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups Android Developers group. android aapt rename-manifest-package

Android Android Asset Packaging Tool aapt l[ist [v [a to fix tests against a package that has

android aapt rename-manifest-package

androidplugin An sbt plugin for Android development in Scala. Skip to content. Features Business Support for aapt# 191. Open Android Multiple APK from same code base. I was looking into aapt to create the new package name and shared Custom Android build. xml for rename manifest aapt rename-manifest-package aapt package m J gen M S restest I And it genetated resources, but with, like without option.

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aapt android, , PACKAGE android aapt rename-manifest-package Useful when used in conjunction with to fix tests against a package that has been renamed. product Specifies which variant to choose for strings that have product variants utf16 changes default encoding for resources to UTF16. Here is what aapt help says: Rewrite the manifest so that its package name is the package name given here. Relative class names (for example. Foo) will be changed to absolute names with the old Ok. aapt is a generic Android asset package tool that be used as: aapt list Listing contents of a ZIP, JAR or APK file. aapt dump Dumping specific information from an APK file. aapt package Packaging Android resources. aapt remove Removing files from a ZIP, JAR or APK file. aapt add Adding files to a ZIP, JAR or APK file.