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Apr 06, 2013 Try to open the door when the bars all drop, that's what worked for me. I assumed that since it had an equalizer I had to play some music in the background on the phone and that worked for me BUT I must have clicked the door right when the lines were all down without even realizing it lol.100 Doors X Level 31. 100 Doors X Level 31. 100 Doors X Level 31 Walkthrough, Solutions, Cheats, Answers for iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle, iPod Touch and other device by MPI Soft. . There are 3 column of numbers, showing hints for which column, which row and tapping for how many times. windows phone doors level 31

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Mar 30, 2013  Best Answer: Hold onto the white part of the spikes (on both sides) as you tilt the screen to open the door. The first couple times Doors Windows phone level 31 Doors Windows phone level 36windows phone doors level 31 Official Walkthrough of every level on Doors Windows Phone Game. Absolutely brilliant time coming up with these easy to follow instruction. If you don't get anything, leave a comment, I usually reply within 10 minutes.

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Doors level 31 WIndows Phone Doors Windows phone level 31 windows phone doors level 31 Level 32 Tap and hold your finger around the door to make the green part, yellow part, and blue part move. First the green will move, then the yellow, then the blue. Searching for ways to open doors. Author: Evgenii Kostrov. Date: 31 May 2017, tested on Nokia Lumia 920. 9. 1 Excellent. Doors is a very exciting puzzle game for Windows Phone, which has many fans all over the world. In the story of the game you find yourself in an unknown building with a lot of doors. It is these doors that you have to open to