Iphone cellular data usage set period

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2019-12-10 07:48

Jun 09, 2017 Go to Settings Cellular and you can see how much data you've used in the current billing period and below that you'll see a list of your apps. Under each app's name is the amount of data it has used for the current billing period. You can toggle off any app that you think is eating more than its fair share.To turn off data only, in Settings Cellular Data (iPad) or Settings Cellular (iPhone), set the Cellular Data switch to Off. This disables the data link only. On an iPad, thats the entire link to a mobile broadband network; for an iPhone, you can still place and receive voice calls and send and receive SMSMMS text messages. iphone cellular data usage set period

I have an iphone 5c and Unlimited calls, unlimited texts and 6GB of data. In cellular in settings it says Current Period: 8. 4GB and Current Period Roaming: 0 bytes, am I

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If you use an Exchange ActiveSync account, it might continue to use cellular data even if you turn it off for Mail and Calendar. To see the cellular data usage of your Exchange ActiveSync account, go to Settings Cellular System Services. In the Settings app, under Cellular Cellular Data Usage, I see a Current Period value of 6. 8 GB. However, Ive checked this number several times over the years, at all different points in my ceiphone cellular data usage set period Track and manage cellular data with the Traffic Monitor app Traffic Monitor is a free utility app that gives can give you a live look at your cellular data usage. Unlike Apples cellular settings you can also set the app to automatically reset the usage period to match your billing cycle.

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You can also check recent cellular data usage on your iPhone. Head to Settings Cellular. Scroll down and youll see an amount of data displayed under Cellular Data Usage for the Current Period. iphone cellular data usage set period