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Oct 18, 2017  Delete extra burst mode photos? Discussion in We also boast an active community focused on purchasing decisions and technical aspects of the iPhoneHow to use live photo filters with the Camera on iPhone. Launch the Camera app on your iPhone just as you would to take a regular photo, either from your Lock screen or your Home screen. Tap on the filter button it looks like three staggered circles. Tap on the filter you'd like to use. burst photo iphone 6

Sep 20, 2014  This is how to take 10 photos per second with the iPhone 6 and the iOS 8 Camera app. Using burst mode will help you

burst photo iphone

Mar 20, 2018 iPhone 6 Plus; How do you disable Camera Auto Burst? Burst photo is a pain in a iPhone 6 Plus; How do you disable Camera Auto Burst? The iPhone 5s includes a new burst mode for photos. What does it do, and how do you use it? This article explains exactly what's going onburst photo iphone 6 Burst Mode on iPhone is a sequence of photos taken at a rate of ten frames per second, by holding your finger on the iPhone's shutter button. There's no need to turn iPhone Burst Mode on like other iPhone camera settings.

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In the stock camera app, iOS 7 has added a new burst mode feature that takes multiple photos in succession for as long as the shutter is pressed. Is there any way I can turn this feature off and ha burst photo iphone 6 Oct 01, 2013  Burst Mode will take photos at up to 10 frames per second on the 5S, so you don't miss the best shot. This comes in especially useful when taking a photo of a child, or an action shot and timing isn't easy. To use Burst Mode on the iPhone 5S, you launch the Camera app and ensure that you're using either the Photo or the Square Here get the guide to use burst mode on iPhone iOS 11. Shoot your favorite Photo with use of burst mode in your iOS iPhone camera. How can the answer be improved? Open the Photos app, then locate the set of burst images in your photo library. Images captured in burst mode will appear both in the All Photos album and the special