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Israel Capital city: Jerusalem. ISO country code: isr. List of countries, areas and telephone country codesFind 972 area code details including city, time zone, and map. Lookup area code 972 phone number, name, and location. telephone zone 972

Our Israeli reverse phone lookup gives you more information for country code 972. Country code 972 is the country code for Israel. Our Israeli reverse phone lookup

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More About Area Code 972 Area code 972 was first put in service September 14, 1996. Currently, the largest city it serves is Dallas, TX, and it overlaps coverage areas with area codes 214 and 469. How can the answer be improved?telephone zone 972 This page details Israel phone code. The Israel country code 972 will allow you to call Israel from another country. Israel telephone code 972 is dialed after the IDD. Israel

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Location and cities for area code 972, map, time zone, overlay codes and related info telephone zone 972