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How to stream VLC Player to Chromecast from Android. While VLC Player for Android will eventually come with Chromecast support, it currently doesnt. This means youre left with one of two options: a) find an alternative Android video player that does stream to Chromecast (of which there are many), or b) do it the longwinded, batterydrainingJul 29, 2018 LocalCast is the number one casting solution on Android with over a Chromecast, SmartTVs, Roku, Nexus Player, localcastapp. comfaq android video player app chromecast

Heres a good one that will let you play videos from an Android phone Open a video, picture or song inside the app. Player essentially has a Chromecast

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There are in fact a number of Android apps that let you get music, photos and video from your phone or tablet up on your Chromecastthe problem is, not all of them are particularly reliable or stable. Dec 15, 2014 Three Android apps for streaming to Chromecast. need is an app on your Android device to make of the first Chromecast apps to hit Google Play,android video player app chromecast For information on Chromecast's app history and software development kit, Android iOS Vendor Video mconnect Player: No

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Make sure your Android device and device you want to cast to, e. g. Chromecast, are using the same WiFi network. When using Avia to access media from other devices, they must have UPnPDLNA serving enabled. When casting from Avia, files MUST be compatible with the receiving device. Many devices have fewer compatible codecs android video player app chromecast Feb 17, 2014  Like AllCast, Avia supports photos, videos, and music. But it also supports Playlists, and unlike AllCast, you can use Avia as a standalone media player to simply watch videos on your Android device. Or you can tap the Chromecast button Of course, the app has Chromecast support as well. You can put your photos up on the screen. Additionally, you can create collections in Google Photos and use them as your background when you're not casting anything. VideoLAN, the development team behind the opensource app, which is often described as the Swiss Army Knife of video players thanks to its ability to play virtually any file format, has confirmed plans to include Chromecast support in future releases of its apps on Android, iOS and, most interestingly, desktop.