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2020-01-19 07:54

To use WiFi calling, you must first register an E911 address and turn on WiFi to connect to a WiFi network. Register your E911 address at My TMobile. Turn on WiFi.Apple iPhone 6 Plus Apple iPhone 6 Apple iPhone 7 Samsung Galaxy S7 Invalid Emergency Address (E911) Still Have Questions? Visit the Community Forums. iphone 6 e911

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Learn how to troubleshoot WiFi Calling problems. you need to set up an e911 address. If you havent added an e911 address to your My TMobile account, The iPhone 6 sports a big 4. 7 inch screen, 4G LTE data, WiFi, 8 megapixel camera and Siri voice assistant. Other features include NFC for mobile payment, a fingerprint reader and a front camera. The powerful Apple A8 processor gives the iPhone 6 the juice to run all of these features while staying energy efficient.iphone 6 e911 Sending a text message to 911 isn't part of the Enhanced 911 (E911) service that's available for voice 911 calls, so it won't automatically provide your location to the emergency call taker.

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Aug 05, 2010 If I turn off Location Services Services) on my son's iPhone 3GS would AT& T still be able to track his location in case of an emergency (assuming the phone is on but no call is made) or are all GPS signals disabled by doing this? iphone 6 e911