Iphone 5 set ringtone from itunes

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2019-11-14 11:34

Feb 24, 2013 This video shows you the simplest way to make a song your ringtone on any iPhone without jailbreaking it and the best thing it's FREE. I am currently using tHow to set any song as a custom iPhone ringtone It's easy to turn any song or music track in iTunes into a custom ringtone, then save it on your iPhone. iphone 5 set ringtone from itunes

Follow this simple guide to set any song from your iTunes library as custom iPhone ringtone.

iphone set ringtone

How to Create Custom Ringtone from Any Song or Music Track for iPhone. Step# 1. First off, you need to connect your iPhone to your computer. Step# 2. Now, launch iTunes. Step# 3. Next, you have to click on Songs in the sidebar. You should see your music library with the songs you have synced to your device. Open iTunes. Make sure that you have the latest version. On your computer, find the ringtone or tone that you want to add to your device. If the ringtone or tone previously appeared in your iTunes library, you can find it in the Tones or Ringtones folders of your iTunes media folder.iphone 5 set ringtone from itunes How can the answer be improved?

Free Iphone 5 set ringtone from itunes