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Jun 26, 2011 On another note, there's an app in the Apple Store called Touch Icon Creator (. 99 USD) that will allow you to use your own images to create nice icons for your bookmarks. I usually find the logo for the web site and use that as the image.As of right now it's not possible. Many websites make custom icons for when you favorite them on iOS. If they don't have that, it just takes change iphone favorites icon

The Favorites screen in the iPhone's Phone app makes it easy to get in touch with your closest friends and family members quickly. But not all relationships last, and they definitely all change, which means that sometimes you'll need to rearrange the list or delete people from it altogether

change iphone favorites

Nov 14, 2016 To change the icon the name of the desired icon must be changed to the file name used in the above folder. For example my favorite for mbworld. org (there is no favicon. ico file so make your own) has an icon file In iPhone lingo, your favorites are the people you call most often. The iPhone lets you customize your own Favorites list. Then, you can simply tap the persons name in Favorites and your iPhone calls the person.change iphone favorites icon How to add and manage Favorites in iPhone or iPads To add a contact to your iPhones favorites list simply launch the Phone app and tap on the Contacts

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May 14, 2018 How to Add Favorites to Your iPhone. This wikiHow teaches you how to add important contacts to a Favorites list on your iPhone's Phone app. Open the Phone app. It's a green app that contains a white phone icon and is typically found on change iphone favorites icon Jan 15, 2017 is the any way to change the icon on the favorites bar from the star to another object. looked every where I could think of but found nothing Original title: edge icons I don't want to Tap the Phone icon on the iPhone's Home screen. Tap Favorites at the bottom of the screen. Click the at the top of the screen to add favorites to bring up your full Contacts list. Scroll through the list, use the search field, or jump to a letter to find the contact you want. When you find the name, tap it. How can the answer be improved?