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There are lots places in msdn sharepoint forums and blogs where these terms are used and I am confused between them. Can anybody clarify?Create reusable controls for web parts or application pages. ; 3 minutes to read Contributors. all; In this article. In Visual Studio, you can create custom, reusable controls that can be consumed by application pages and Web application page web

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application page web

One Page App website designs for your inspiration. These range from iPhone Apps, iPad Apps, Mobiles Apps, Web Apps and Desktop Apps. Need a quicker solution? See One Page App Templates. I'm stumped trying to come up to a difference between a website and a web application for myself. As I see it, a web site points to a specific page and a web application is more of some sort of 'poapplication page web Responsive web design can be used to make a web application whether a conventional web site or a singlepage application

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How can the answer be improved? application page web Find out about the performance and usage of your web page or app. If you add Application Insights to your page script, you get timings of page loads and AJAX calls, counts and details of browser exceptions and AJAX failures, as well as users and session counts. All these can be segmented by page