Can't update android after rooting

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2019-11-13 19:59

Nov 04, 2011 Here's a question I get like 10 times per day, can I update my Android phone after rooting?Many people worry that their phone wont get OTA update after rooting. It is true, but we can still update rooted Android phone to latest OS in other ways. can't update android after rooting

Aug 25, 2012 Hi All, This will likely be a noob question, and I've probably done something blantantly stupid, but I can't figure out what. I have an HTC One S

can't update android

How to Install an Android OTA Update Without Losing Root with FlashFire. and automatically handles unrooting and rerooting when flashing update files. Installing Google Play Apps After Rooting Android Kitkat. Rooting Can I access Google play and my games after rooting my Android phone? Update Cancel.can't update android after rooting Jun 04, 2015 [Completed [Q Can I update android version after rooting, if so how? XDA Assist

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Pro tip: How to unroot your Android device so you can update. The answer is simple you can't update a rooted phone using the standard method. can't update android after rooting Apr 26, 2016 Can I update my phone after rooting it? you can update the 1st use the device as it is in. . don't unroot or apply update. use it in your current Android