Ios create cgcontextref

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2019-12-12 03:16

Not the answer you're looking for? Browse other questions tagged ios objectivec xcode cgcontext or ask your own question.Many kinds of business software require some form of PDF output. The easiest way in iOS to create PDF's is using Interface Builder and the UIKit. Generate a PDF using UIKit First, create ios create cgcontextref

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ios create cgcontextref

So load up XCode, go to File\New Project, choose Application, and click Choose. Name the project LayerFun, and click Save. The Viewbased Application template starts with a single view controller, and as you know, each view controller has a root view. I found this in the Quartz 2D Programming Guide: To draw to the screen in an iOS application, you set up a UIView object and implement its drawRect: method toios create cgcontextref I would like to create a CGContextRef for that existing image and draw something in it. Considering that the CGImageRef has an underlying data array in memory, my guess is that it should be possible to create a new context using and pass as data array the underlying memory data from CGImageRef.

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i don't know cocos2d, so i just can just give you some tricks about CoreGraphics on iOS. First, the simple case, if you can create sprite from a UIImage or a CGImageRef. ios create cgcontextref iOS Programming Recipe 24: Creating a Mask Basically I wanted to create a shape Currently I am trying to expand my knowledge with iOS and I find that writing This article describes how to create a pdf file in iOS sdk. To create a pdf file first of The CGContextRef opaque Continue reading Create PDF in iOS sdk. Xamarin Platform C# on iOS, Class. Creates a CGContext from an unmanaged CGContextRef handle. Public Properties [readonly