Smartphone parallax barrier

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2019-11-19 09:49

IFA 2010 has come and gone, but the cool products are still tricking onto the scene that were at the show. One of the more interesting devices I have seen so far came from Sharp and was a concept device that looks like a large smartphone. The concept device used a parallax barrier display to show 3DAt least parallax barrier technology would be cheaper without those pricey glassesthough that's a very small consolation when you can't move your head more than an inch before the image shifts. Launch periods were certainly not mentioned, with Sharp only saying products with the displays would go on sale when they're ready. smartphone parallax barrier

These phones have parallax barriers, which is a layer placed in front of the display to allow it to show a stereoscopic image (meaning a 3D image) without the need for those dorky 3D glasses (see image at right).

smartphone parallax barrier

The bottom sheet is used as a spacer between the pixels and your parallax barrier. The top sheet simply protects the barrier. A thicker spacer will give you a narrower field of view, but more denselypacked angular resolution. The smartphone glassesfree tech made its first appearance back in October during FPD! International in Yokohama using a TFT panel supplied by CMI. Using the same quote stated on Friday, the company said that its CellMatrix Parallax Barrier Technology is a proprietary solution that was invented, patented and massproduced as the leadingsmartphone parallax barrier Apparently Sharp is incorporating its parallax barrier display and 3D module camera in a smartphone. by Kevin Parrish Aug 4, 2010, 12: 30 PM Wednesday a spokesperson for

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List of 3Denabled mobile phones Most 3D phones have an autostereoscopic parallax barrier smartphones will be the largest 3D display application on a smartphone parallax barrier A parallax barrier is a device placed in front of an image source, such as a liquid crystal display, to allow it to show a stereoscopic or multiscopic image without the need for Samsung is reportedly working on an 3D LCD panels and Nintendos 3DS uses a parallax barrier already to smartphone 10 inch viewing distance Building a parallax barrier light field display is pretty straightforward, and in this section we will show you how to make a portable one using the iPhoneiPod touch. What you will need: An iPhone4(s) or iPod touch 4 th generation with Retina display (326PPI).