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For example, if PRIMARYMODAL is not supported by a particular dialog, it would be upgraded to APPLICATIONMODAL. In addition, as is the case for shells, the window manager for the desktop on which the instance is visible has ultimate control over the appearance and behavior of the instance, including its modality.An application window is a highlevel main window , with builtin support for an optional menu bar with standard menus, an optional toolbar, and an optional status line. Creating an application window involves the following steps: swt modal application window

Create a nonrectangular window: . Create a nonrectangular shell to simulate transparency: . Create nonrectangular shell from an image with transparency:

swt modal application

I have a Modal Dialog making tasks with a thread. This works well except that the main window is no longer focusable, in the OS task bar clicking on my application icon has no effect, this type of Java SWT inside another application how to make a Shell modal. Rate this: Please Sign up or sign in to vote The SWT window that appears does not seem to be parented by the NX window, so if the user clicks in the NX window the SWT window disappears behind it. set shell , make modal searches all talk about child Shellsswt modal application window This page provides Java code examples for The examples are extracted from open source Java projects.

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Modal to the parent window of the dialog; input is blocked to the parent of the dialog only. SWT. SYSTEMMODAL Input is blocked to all other windows of all applications until the dialog is dismissed. swt modal application window The APPLICATIONMODAL style allows an instance to block input to every other shell in the display. The SYSTEMMODAL style allows an instance to block input to all shells, including shells belonging to different applications. Creating multiple windows in SWT. Ask Question. up vote 2 down vote favorite. you need to use SWT. APPLICATIONMODAL to force the windows to act in a modal fashion. I believe that the default is allowing every window to act independently and handle their own event navigation. (By the way, the SWT. SHEET style is especially appropriate for these PRIMARYMODAL dialogs. On Mac OS X, they cause the dialog to appear to come out of the title bar of the parent and is visibly attached to the parent, clearly signaling it is blocking UI interaction with its parent only.