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2020-01-22 03:05

With a large difference between the 5. 1inch screen of the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the 4inch display of the iPhone 5S, each device is clearly aimed at different users. However, in terms of the display quality, there are marked differences.How can the answer be improved? samsung s5 v iphone 5s

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is here, but is it a better phone than the iPhone 5S? We compare specs, and more.

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The iPhone 5s is considerably smaller and lighter than the Galaxy S5 Materials: Apple has always been top when it comes to smartphone design and the iPhone 5s is no different. The iPhone 5s is made from anodised aluminium with The Samsung Galaxy S5 and Apple iPhone 5s duo resurrect the Android vs iOS rivalry in full force, that's why we are staging a cage match between the design, specs and performance paradigms of the mobile juggernauts' flagships for the s5 v iphone 5s Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Apple iPhone 5s: Battery. The Samsung S5 comes fitted with a 2800mAH battery, which should be good for a days data and talk pretty normal for a phone these days. On average this is about how

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Compare Samsung Galaxy S5 VS Apple iPhone 5s full specifications side by side. See the common features and the differences that make them better or worse. samsung s5 v iphone 5s iPhone 5s vs. Samsung Galaxy S5: The Winner Is by Mark Spoonauer Apr 29, 2014, 8: 00 AM If you're in the market for a smartphone, chances are you're choosing between Apple and Samsung.