Android art throwing outofmemoryerror

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2019-11-21 03:36

Issue Description My app crash every 5 minutes on my android remote device, even if I'm not doing anything on it (live reload or whatever) Additional Information React Native version: Platform: Android API 23 or 24 (remote device,I am making a android application that can stream a video from a server to a android mobile. i have the image streaming properly and working but after 15 seconds the application crashes. i managed to android art throwing outofmemoryerror

Dec 07, 2016 Hi there, I just upgraded from 5. 2 to 5. 3 and now my app crashes on startup. Can't figure out why this happens. Here is the crash adb report: 0119

android art throwing

I'm using MvxImageView to show images in a MvxListView on Android. Images are in size. It's not unusual to have a couple of hundreds of those images (all unique) in one list. Everything works fine on pre Lollipop devices. Sometim AndroidEart: Throwing OutOfMemoryError Failed to allocate a byte allocation with free bytes and 12MB until OOMandroid art throwing outofmemoryerror I followed an online video of how to make a tabbed app on android. On the video it works fine but I am getting this error and cant find any solution. This is a so

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Working with images in Android is a itch in general, as you can easily eat up all the memory with a few high resolution images per your android art throwing outofmemoryerror Failed to allocate a byte allocation with free bytes and 2MB until OOM 5 Android How to Load More then 20mb Image in Imageview Okay, I'm posting this issue right here, although it's a Google Play Store crash CAUSED BY the Art runtime. So, I'm pretty sure this is a proper location. W art: Throwing OutOfMemoryError Failed to allocate a 28 byte allocation with 1304 free bytes and 1304B until OOM