Iphone x manufacturing delay

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2020-01-24 04:52

The iPhone X faces supply issues that may delay production, a chip analyst warns. James MartinCNET You may have to wait a bit longer to get your hands on Apple's new iPhone X.Watch video  The iPhone X will become available for preorder on Oct. 27, but if the rumors are true, the shipping date will shift into the future very fast. Until then, you can still get a brand new iPhone the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus. Check out our review of those two devices here. iphone x manufacturing delay

Several reports have highlighted the impact that the looming iPhone X launch has had on iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus orders. KGI also noted recently that Apples output of iPhone X units will be about 10k units per day at the start of production.

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Building the iPhone X hasn't been without its challenges. Photo: Apple. The iPhone X may be Apples most exciting iPhone refresh in years, but its causing the company no end of production issues. According to a new report, the iPhone X has run into more late stage manufacturing problems, causing an additional incremental delay for shipping. Sep 27, 2017  Watch video  Apple has staggered the delivery of the iPhone X, which will become available Nov. 3, six weeks after theiphone x manufacturing delay The iPhone X is facing production delays due to problems in manufacturing the 3D sensors used for facial recognition, reports say, which could cause tight supplies of

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Apple declined to comment about the persistent rumors indicating delays in iPhone X manufacturing and shipment. Early rumors were reported as far back as April 2017 by Mac Rumors. The blog obtained research notes from an analyst at Cowen and Company that suggested integrating Touch ID into the iPhone Xs display was the biggest iphone x manufacturing delay According to Caso, while there were already production delays affecting the iPhone X, further delays have occurred recently. He says production is set to start in midOctober, later than earlier predictions. With additional delays, full production ramp up will be delayed into the December quarter. Sep 18, 2017  SAN FRANCISCO Apple's iPhone X boasts a cuttingedge screen bursting with crisp, bright images, the sort of eyepopping technology that gets consumers to line up to spend 1, 000 or moreon the device. Apples next flagship device, the iPhone 8 or iPhone X for 2017, could possibly be delayed to 2018 on account of manufacturing delays. Earlier, there were rumors that the iPhone 8 would arrive a little later than usual, that is, in October or November this year. 10th Anniversary It is possible that the iPhone 8 [