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2019-11-16 21:35

So, chances are you've got Google Music set up to run when headphones are plugged in, and the music will play. If your headphone socket is damaged, or simply dirty switches, then your phone might think headphones are being plugged in and thus starts playing music. if you can't clean the socket, you might simply end up disabling theSolved: Got following problem with the Android app: Mobile is lying on the table no one is touching it, no apps are running actively. Then it Then it Close We use cookies to give you the best online experience. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies in accordance with our cookie policy. android just starts playing music

In other words, I want that the default music app open and start playing automatically(via code). sarveshs Apr 26 '12 at 8: 16 Call me a noob, but isn't your code playing the songs in the same application using

android just starts

Jul 24, 2011 Just fyi, I've searched and i couldn't find anything Does anyone else know why a song from the music on my card might randomly start playing? Only Mar 15, 2016  Seems to coincide with doing something (e. g. , I press the button to make a phone call and the music starts playing). I don't think it has happened with the phone just sitting there, but seems to be happening more and more when I press a button that has nothing to do with music, and in fact I don't even have the music appandroid just starts playing music Issue 5134: : Musicplayer starts automatically with headphones plugged in overriding every other playing app: 294 people starred this issue. Comments by nonmembers will not trigger notification emails to users who starred this issue.

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Now, I need to know if there is any way I can play music once I run my app. I know how to start a music once you click on a certain button but that's not what I want. What i want to know if if there is any way that When I run my app, It just starts playing the music. For Example: Many of the Games have music playing at the back when you run and then android just starts playing music Jun 03, 2015 Yeah. Had this happen twice now. If I look at the Sense music player, it's not playing. Pandora isn't open. Nothing else is happening, just. . On an HTC One X running ICS, Spotify will just randomly start playing music on occasion. There seems to be no real pattern except that music has been stopped some time previously (anything between a few minutes and an hour or so). It is usually from the last song or playlist what was playing. It is by no means every time so I am not able